Hatchikian Gallery, your post-war and contemporary art gallery in Paris

The Hatchikian Gallery is a protean space promoting the work of young contemporary creators and consecrated artists by organizing physical and virtual exhibitions, performances and offering art lovers artistic, aesthetic discoveries and the pleasure of collecting.

Gallery story

In operation since 2013, the Hatchikian gallery was one of the first to develop the concept of roaming by organizing personal and group exhibitions in remarkable places. These numerous exhibitions have enabled art lovers to discover the artistic worlds of Steph.Cop, Toxic, Shoe, Swoon, Youssef Boubekeur or even Medhi Cibille alongside artists devoted to narrative figuration, Op Art, Conceptual Art, Pop Art: Robert Combas, Jacques Monory, Victor Vasarely, Frank Stella and Andy Warhol to name a few.
Following a common thread, these exhibitions are carefully designed by Audrey Hatchikian, curator and founder of the eponymous gallery, to offer the public an atmosphere conducive to immersion in the world of the artists represented. All the exhibitions produced by the gallery are archived in the “exhibitions” tab.
However, the concept of the gallery is not limited to roaming exhibitions. Art collectors and amateurs have plenty of time to come and discover, on a permanent basis, the works of the artists we defend in our Art Loft.

The Art Loft

Located rue du Docteur Blanche in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, known to house the Le Corbusier foundation and rue Mallet-Stevens, the Art Loft is an intimate and warm place, ideal for discovering art. Halfway between the exhibition space, the Loft and the viewing room, the Art Loft is a setting containing works of art that we discover and around which we discuss in a relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by from the gallery team and sometimes artists. The configuration of the Art Loft gives the opportunity to project oneself into the work of an artist, to appreciate its dimensions at the scale of an interior and to approach all artistic subjects with experts in contemporary art and its market.
It is possible, with one click in the "contact" tab, to make an appointment to visit the Art Loft. This visit can be accompanied by a tailor-made selection of works, staged for the occasion. The universe of artistic creation is infinitely large and the Hatchikian gallery explores it with its Art Papers.

The Art Papers

The Art Papers regularly published on the website of the Hatchikian gallery explore the field of contemporary, post-war and modern artistic creation. In a journalistic approach, they sometimes take the form of immersive photo-reports in major exhibitions or the permanent collections of public institutions but also the collections, always very appreciated, of private foundations: the Maeght Foundation, the Lambert collection or even Château Lacoste.
These articles can also take the form of an interview with the artists represented by the gallery, highlight a new series of works or observe a new line of artistic research.
Finally, they can also have an analytical dimension of the art market by focusing on the ratings of established or emerging artists, auction results, and technological innovations that shake up traditional market practices.
Beyond the process of promoting the works of emerging artists and consecrated artists, the gallery puts its expertise and experience at the service of collectors in a catalog of services linked to the pleasure of building and managing a collection of post-war art and contemporary art.


The Hatchikian gallery acquires or receives on deposit secondary market works produced on all media. Thus, the gallery team offers to appraise, free of charge, works that collectors wish to part with.
In addition, collectors who wish to promote their collection can call on the services of the Hatchikian gallery to place works held in museums or foundations through loans; to ensure their collection; or to find alternative financing solutions.
The gallery also supports innovative art promotion projects in the public, semi-public or private space of the artists represented and offers its expertise to all those carrying out such projects.

The entire Hatchikian gallery team is at your disposal to support your artistic, physical or virtual discoveries, and bring them to life in your daily life.

Advice / Services

We support you in all stages of your acquisition: choice of the work, financing, supervision.


We deliver to you worldwide at the best prices thanks to our specialized transport network.

protection / AUTHENTICITY

We guarantee you optimal security in your payments by credit card, bank transfer and check. All our original works are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the artist.
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