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The sculptures of Steph Cop, an artistic walk in the spaces of the Hotel Martinez Cannes

Hatchikian Gallery presents major works by Steph Cop at the Hotel Martinez Cannes. Steph Cop has collaborated on several occasions with the Michelin-starred chef of the Martinez Cannes hotel Christian Sinicropi, who finds gastronomic inspiration in contemporary art.

The works of Steph Cop exhibited at the Hotel Martinez Cannes.

In this summer 2021 a bit special in Cannes since the 74th international film festival takes place in the summer season from July 6 to 17, we will be able to discover some emblematic works of Steph Cop exhibited by Hatchikian Gallery in the spaces of the iconic palace of the Croisette. The bronze Black Raw 220cm whose reflections evoke the lines of the tree and its life trajectory has found its place in the garden of lemon and olive trees, a true haven of peace where it is good to sit down for a drink, a musical dinner or even a breakfast in a Provencal village atmosphere. Made in 2019, the bronze Black Raw is the reproduction of an ash sculpture named Ashraw which is part of the figures  which tell the soul of fallen trees of which the artist makes his material. These formal figures are an instrospective exploration of a relationship between Man and the tree, an essential question for Steph Cop whose work originates from an immersion in the tree ecosystem in the Morvan forest. 

An artistic walk in the spaces of the Martinez. 

The Martinez, jewel of the Unbound x Hyatt collection, recently renovated by the architectural firm Pierre-Yves Rochon in a yachting style reviving the sweetness of the art of living on the Riviera, offers a privileged setting to contemplate the works of Steph Cop. Strolling through the spaces of the hotel bathed in soft light, after having met Black Raw, we will be able to discover the sculpture Robur whose silhouette, both abrupt and thin, symbolizes the strength of the tree and its faults of life, Columnae whose deliberately interrupted shape testifies to the unfinished destiny of the tree, Copelini, a clean figure carrying the vertical tension of the shaft and the Cube, bronze which represents the soul and existential center of gravity of the tree in Steph Cop's ARO movement. Through these five major works of the artist, we experience the creative sequence of the ARO movement, central in the work, a sequence marked by a dynamic of elevation of the line, of tensioning, lightening, asymmetry, towards the then possible advent of a new gravity which will consecrate the completion and, finally, the return to the Cube from which the series began. ARO is a research devoted by the slenderness of the form. This refined verticality is, for the artist, the axis of the vital impetus: staying upright. “I observe the flow of life, the rise to the sky from the roots of those who hold us, but also the restorative rain that flows along the branches until it infiltrates the earth to nourish it. Verticality is the secret of the history of the tree. My first gesture is vertical: lift the tree that has fallen to the ground. The standing tree appeals to me for humility. I first tame the precious and unique material by going to look for the volumes, which I carefully deconstruct, with difficulty. I subtract the perpendiculars to draw the horizontals and obliques. Each cut is a specter of passing time ”.

It is an artistic walk to discover this ARO movement that is offered by Hatchikian Gallery through this exhibition, like an enchanted parenthesis, like these exceptional meetings offered by the Martinez to promote the Croisette. radiant elegance.  

The Palme d'Or of chef Sinicropi welcomes the work of Steph Cop as an inspiring source. 

Robur and Le Cube are exhibited in the salons of the Palme d'Or, a gourmet restaurant with two Michelin macaroons where chef Sinicropi imagines plates in the style of a pictorial composition, like a painter of flavors. The culinary creations are presented as ephemeral works to be tasted on collections of plates made especially in duo with his ceramicist wife Catherine Sinicropi. 

Both instinctive and cerebral, its original cuisine, inspired by the product's memorial history, offers a multisensory experience: flavors and taste notes are associated like an olfactory construction, unfolding like a musical score; the chromatic dressings and the relief of the textures create new tasting nuances. 

Steph Cop and Christian Sinicropi have forged links between their two worlds. “I have already had the opportunity to work with Steph Cop who created plates for the Palme d'Or. His unique universe inspires me. My approach to cooking resonates with his sensitivity to the plant cycle, his way of sculpting trees to prolong their soul and destiny. My kitchen tells the whole story of the product in its ecosystem. Our creations have common sources ”, explains the chef, who has designed, for the reopening of the Palme d'Or after months of restaurant closings, a vegetal proposal that transcribes the woody universe of Steph Cop into flavors. Steph Cop's artistic approach and the gastronomic one of Christian Sinicropi have a definite resonance in the environmental issues that today run through our lifestyles. Art and gastronomy awaken our senses and resolutely participate in the challenges that can mobilize us and bring us together. 

The vegetal movement menu inspired by the woody world of Steph Cop. 

The vegetal menu offered at La Palme d'Or is a story between an artist, Steph Cop, a ceramist, Catherine Sinicropi, and an original cuisine

The first movement is a creation around the artichoke: "The blue-purple color of its flower inspired me with the following notes: Acidulated, sweet, cork oak wood, violet", indicates the chef. The woody note of an oak dear to Steph Cop structures the architecture of the flavors. 

The second movement is a gourmet concentrate focused on the perception of a seasonal vegetable, the bean, with a note of lichen moss. So many elements of the tree ecosystem that can be found through the pages of the book by Steph Cop and the photographer Balint Põrneczi which retraces the wanderings in the forest, a dreamlike source of inspiration, the workshop in Morvan , the creative gesture, until the search for the soul of the sculpted tree represented in the 9 ARO shapes. A work in which the photographs, the writings, and the traces of a history inscribed in the material give a glimpse of the inseparable between the artist, his place, and the work. 

The third movement is a work around the zucchini in yellow and green nuances, which the chef describes as "a taste of the Riviera with notes of smoky wood and pollen musk".

The fourth movement puts the spotlight on Gourdon honey, a scent of thyme and a note of olive oil, like a sensation of freshness in the shade of the Riviera. It was composed by the talented pastry chef recognized by the Michelin guide Julien Ochando. 

The Martinez at the heart of the events of the Cannes Film Festival

Each year, on the evening before the opening of the Cannes International Film Festival, the most publicized cultural event in the world, the jury's welcome dinner is held at La Palme d'Or. Chef Sinicropi worked for many months on the preparation of this exceptional dinner by creating, with his wife Catherine, ceramic plates inspired by the filmography and the universe of the President of the Jury. Each dish on the menu is thus served in a unique work. The Martinez welcomes the biggest stars during this effervescent fortnight and its history is marked by moments of anthology. An exceptional majestic suite has just been inaugurated on the top floor of the hotel, with an interior designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon, architect who signed the various renovations of the Martinez. One of the most beautiful suites in Europe, with a breathtaking panorama of the Croisette from the terrace. A suite that is part of the legend of cinema, decorated in the spirit of the meeting between an actress and a director, personalized by Isabelle Huppert and Thierry Frémaux, general delegate of the Festival. 

Discover, during the fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival and during this summer season, the works of Steph Cop at the Martinez as well as the creative affinities between the artist and the chef, between art and gastronomy: "Nature summons all our senses . We contemplate it, touch it, listen to it, breathe it, taste it. Also, we wanted to explore this sensory amplitude in an artistic gastronomic experience inspired by the tree in its ecosystem. We hope to transmit this creative fullness to our guests by inscribing our approach in the life cycle. Our humility in front of nature is not a posture, it is the source of our artistic research. This is what we want to share, in this iconic place that is the Martinez ”.

Discover the works of the artist Steph Cop in our collections and different approaches to his work in our previous Art Papers. 

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