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The artistic inspirations of Kornel Zezula


© Sonia Szóstak

The figurative painting of Kornel Zezula.

“I paint the light that comes from all bodies”, a statement by Egon Schiele which is one of the artistic inspirations with which Kornel Zezula nourishes his work. The portraits of this talented young artist born in Wroclaw in 1991 and graduated from the Beaux-Arts in Paris radiate a sensuality that illuminates in a singular and intimate way the faces and bodies that open to the mystery of the other.

An artistic practice with multiple influences.

Insatiable of an artistic culture which carries him as much towards literature, cinema, painting, sculpture, Kornel Zezula is imbued with the richness of the nuances of being. If painting is his language, it is because words will always fail to approach the elusive singularity of the depth of being. This other which irremediably escapes us, the artist suggests, between veil and unveiling, through an aesthetic which gives a glimpse of a part of this unfathomable and fleeting interiority. A play of transparencies which reveals all the density of the emotions which are flush with the skin of a face and the contours of a silhouette. To paint, for Kornel Zezula, is to shed an almost cinematographic light on the movement of an interior life irreducibly tormented by contradictions, paradoxes, dualities, and tinged with a certain strangeness. To compose his portraits, the artist summons inspirations that intertwine, underground and intangible. It is the way of a photographer like Peter Lindbergh of placing the objective on the subjectivity of his models, relegating to the background the artifices of the staging as the soul appears unvarnished. Sublimate the other without ever blurring the salient features of his faults. It is the description of the light of Oran by Albert Camus which can inspire the lighting of the faces like a caress on the skin. These are the characters in Witold Gombrowicz's novels and plays, whose full density is built up in the ambivalence of their relationship to others. To paint the light that comes from bodies is to seek it out in the depths of the soul, through encounter, otherness. The figuration, in the work of Kornel Zezula, is not a representation but a meaningful narration whose evocative power derives from the sensuality of the artistic, carnal and tactile gesture, unfolding like a choreography in lines and colors of gravitation. emotions. If Kornel Zezula's portraits capture an ephemeral expression, it is not a truth but a question, a fragment of being in the moment that contains all the vertigo of a past and a possible future. 

Discovering his new exhibition.

© Damian Noszkowicz
A brilliant and scholarly esthete, Kornel Zezula is now one of the permanent artists of Hatchikian Gallery with a work that invites us to disturbing face-to-face because it is always our self-portrait that is revealed in reverse shot of the intimate of the other. that the artist delivers to us, and we are impatient to see the work of this promising young talent unfold in an already well-established singularity. 
Discover Kornel Zezula through the exhibition that we are devoting to him from May 7 in our Art Loft, a place both intimate and bright which will be able to sublimate the works in a space where we will be happy to welcome you warmly, on Appointment. Because beyond the discovery of the work of an artist, art connects us and it is always with joy that we will exchange with you, for a moment of sharing our artistic emotions. 

Tenderness III 2020

Oil on canvas

Unique work, signed

H65 x L50 cm

Blow Up III 2020

Oil on canvas

Unique work, signed

H50 x L40 cm

Ecstasies I 2020

Oil on canvas

Unique work, signed

H40 x L30 cm

Hatchikian presents Kornel Zezula, Art Loft 4 rue du Dr Blanche, Paris 16th,
by appointment from May 7, 2021. 

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